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Le règlement spécifique de notre forum sur la Cigarette Electronique. A lire impérativement. Merci.
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sellers rules

Message par [Modération] » jeu. 23 août 2018, 15:05

For sellers, we will ask to observe certain rules, in addition to the classic rules:
- Brands and resellers must participate in the forum in a transparent way by displaying their logo as an avatar. We include under the avatar the status of "seller" and we assign a display color of the pseudo specific to this status.

-If announcements of new products or promotions are desired, they can not be outrageous and should be posted on the forum for information. Only one ad per week will be accepted, from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 otherwise, we will delete all ads of the week.
In addition, reassembling a topic several times a day does not bring any real additional information to the original subject, so it is outlawed. failure to comply with these rules would threaten the seller in question of a temporary suspension of posting, see a warning if the abuse persists

- Sellers do not have the right to express themselves elsewhere than in their section. Otherwise, if they do not have one yet, they can only express themselves in the "Nouvelles marques" section and only on topics that concern them.
- Comments concerning other brands are forbidden. No criticism of a mark against a competitor will be tolerated.

- Each brand or reseller representative chooses a pseudo and in principle only one (exceptions may be examined upon request). The use of a consumer account by a seller will result in the deletion of that account and the seller's account will be sanctioned by a warning.

- Soliciting by MP is forbidden. Any violation of this rule will be sanctioned by a ban and a deletion of the heading. The same is true if you have mandated consumer members for this purpose.

- Sellers are not allowed to access chat

- In accordance with the rules of the forum on counterfeiting, sellers are not allowed to promote or cite counterfeits or copies of original products.
The forum is a private area for e-cigarette consumers. The staff reserves the right to accept or not your registration and is free to ban you at any time without justification.
We also reserve the right to prohibit the quotation of a trademark if we deem it to be detrimental to the forum.
In the same state of mind, the staff reserves the right to submit the words of a seller in moderation. In this case, his messages will appear on the forum only after being validated by a moderator.

this is a simplified version, all the rules are available here viewtopic.php?f=102&t=3192
Pour la défense de l'e-cig, la modération du forum soutient l'Aiduce.


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